Ticketmaster Mobile App

A complete redesign and rethinking of the mobile app. Besides just a slick coat of paint, emphasis has been put into increasing user engagement and providing fans with a more personalized and richer experience, beyond just browsing events and buying tickets.


Search & Discovery

Looking to rebuild from the barebones discovery experience of the previous version of the app, I designed a personalized, contextual, and “for you” experience to help the fans find the events they wanted, or didn’t know they wanted. I also wanted to make search smart and naturally intuitive to use by including voice search and serve up contextual results.


Social & Sharing

To help increase user engagement and retention, I looked to introduce new social features. I also looked into existing features of the app that can be made more engaging with social integration.


Preparation Before & Engagement During Event

Another way to increase user engagement and retention was to go beyond the basic functionality of just browsing events and buying tickets. I wanted to help the fan plan for the event beforehand and make the app a useful resource during the event.


User Flow