GoFreeCredit.com Homepage REDESIGN

I was tasked to redesign the homepage while keeping all the content from the old one. To give the page a cleaner, more professional look, I restructured the layout and content and applied general overall polish to imagery and typography. This help evoke trust into the user and also carries the continuity of the company’s brand and style.


Method to the Madness

Content and elements were scattered all over the place, making it difficult for the user to consume the information in an effective manner. I worked to correct this in two ways. First, I placed content and elements on a grid and linear pattern. And second, I grouped information that’s relevant to each other. This has many benefits. This allows the page to be very fluid and responsive, making the mobile and desktop experiences similar and less fragmented from each other. This also makes the page more accessible-friendly. Because content is now more linear and structured, users who are blind or visually-impaired can use screen readers to navigate and consume the content that makes more sense.

I structured information in a pyramid manner, making information more granular as the user scrolls down. This makes the hero spot more eye-catching and does not instantly bombard the user with tons of information when they land on the page. Information is trickled down to the user as they scroll down, an action that indicates the user is showing more interest in the content.